Should children be spanked

The latter is the question that is being discussed in this essay. The greatest risks apply to white, non-Hispanic children. Do you remember being hit as a child? Spanking can increase the likelihood of developing mental health symptoms.

Slavery was once upon a time acceptable. Discipline is administered in private so as not to humiliate or embarrass a child. Wait 'till they confront strong-willed little Grayson in all his glorious disobedience and defiance one day!

More essays like this: It further tells that slaves should submit to their masters or risk being beaten by the master. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

Surprising Results The study looked at the survey results of 1, children nationwide from ethnically diverse households. Some children may be more affected than others. Robert Larzelere of Oklahoma State University, who studied this subject for decades, states: Your child trusts you to always have his or her best interests in mind.

Spanking promotes aggression in children and by displaying such actions; parents are acting as bad role models since children think that their parents act the right way.

Loving correction always begins by clearly defining and communicating reasonable boundaries before they are enforced. The opposing side of the non-spanking group often says that a little bit of pain is necessary to teach a child what is right and wrong and it is the only way to keep a child out of trouble.

There is a difference between abusing a child and disciplining a child. Scripture tells us "the corrections of discipline are the way to life" Prov.

Shaping the will without breaking the spirit requires being authoritative not authoritarian so the child experiences some pain versus simple "love pats. Spanking reduces the influence you have with your children. Parents are like teachers and they set rules for what a child should not do at home.

Children Should Not Be Spanked Essay Sample

In white families, however, spanking may be more stigmatizing, and frequent spanking before the age of 2 may stem from factors like high parent stress.

If you hit the table, even eight months old baby will imitate and hit the table back. In conclusion, I feel sure that most parents love their kids and seek the best parenting for them.

Though not literally, have you ever experienced a "spanking" from the Lord for persistent, ungodly conduct? They are more likely to lie about things than to risk being hit. Though not literally, have you ever experienced a "spanking" from the Lord for persistent, ungodly conduct?

Childhood Parenting can sometimes be a very strenuous job. Lessons for Parents and Teachers Slade advises parents of very young children to look at the circumstances that lead to physical punishment.

If needed then time-outs, grounding and not buying items they want might be another solution. Researchers speculate spanking may be more widely accepted among African American families, and therefore is less likely to be seen as unfair or harsh treatment.

However, even the books will not guide you properly in this path. There are many varying opinions about how children should be disciplined and even much more books.

Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox!Spanking — usually defined as hitting a child on the buttocks with an open hand — is a common form of discipline still used on children worldwide.

However, to date, spanking has been banned in. Were you spanked as a child? Then you may think it's a good way to guide a child. Or maybe you don't want to spank, but you find yourself doing it because you don't know how else to get through to your child.

Timid, approval-seeking kids are usually good with a time-out. But there are some children who like to push their limits.

Those are the children who may require a pop. Children should be spanked more when they misbehave. When I was a kid if I lied or disobeyed a felt a very brief sting on my rear. That never lasted more then a millisecond.

When it was over I was fine and it taught me right from wrong and not to do the bad behavior again. If more kids were spanked it would really I improve their bad behavior. 10 Reasons Not to Hit Your Child.

Should Parents Spank Young Kids?

1. HITTING MODELS HITTING SPARE THE ROD!There are parents who should not spank and children who should not be spanked. Are there factors in your history, your temperament, or your relationship with your child that put you at risk for abusing your child? Are there characteristics in your child that make.

Jan 03,  · But children’s groups and MPs have argued that spanking is an outdated form of punishment that can cause long-term mental health problems. "The NSPCC believes that children should have the.

Should children be spanked
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